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Hibiscus herbal tea is made as an infusion deep magenta colored calyces (sepals) of the (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) flower that has a tart canberry like flavor.

History: Lindo is our last name and Sorrel pronounced (Saril) is what hibiscus is called in the English - Speaking caribbean. Hibiscus has a different name in  each country. Hibiscus originated in West Africa where its called "bissap" and is known as the national drink. In Ghana it is known as "sobolo or zobo" In North Africa especially in Egypt & Sudan it is known as karkade which is served hot or chilled with ice. Traditionally, in Egypt during wedding celebrations the families toast with a glass of hisbiscus tea. In Ancient (Egypt) hibiscus (Karkade) tea was the Pharaohs beverage of choice. The tea was perfectly refreshing afters a day in the hot dessert In ancient Africa. The gorgeous tea is associated with many health benefits like lowering blood pressure and high cholestrol levels. During the holiday time countries like Jamaica, Trinidad, Central America and many Caribbean countries the drink is served with a little white rum and fruit cake.

This drink is also known as Aqua de flor de Jamaica in Mexico. The drink is prepared by steeping the calyces, along with ginger and other spices in boiling water. Again, This is served as a hot tea or chilled with ice.


Which leads to why I started Lindo Sorrel. After, I had my middle son Jacob I would visit my local Jamaican Restaurant (The Original Coley's) and have an iced  cup Sorrel. Until one day my favorite restaurant owner temporarly closed his restaurant. Thereafter, I began making the drink to satisfy my craving of the tart, cranberry like flavor drink. My mother in law encouraged me to continue to make the drink and to bottle up the drink and sell it. My pop's Leland invested in my storage space and I was on a roll after that.


Once I became familiar with majestic and magical benefits of Hibiscus, I wanted to share with my close family and friends. I consulted with my carribean family and friends on how to make a perfect batch and adding my own twist to the drink. I began bottling up my drink in mason jars and selling this healthy refreshing drink to my dance and and yoga classmates. That's when Lindo Sorrel became a hit and I created a logo and labels to advertise my product. I was inspired to inform my sister and her kids  who has Sickle Cell Disease. Sickle Cell like and other blood disorder's has iron deficiencies and low immunity. Hibiscus (Lindo Sorrel) helps boost immunity, add iron and rich in vitamin c which is beneficial for all.


Not only does Lindo Sorrel has it's natural aroma sent and refreshing taste its important tohelp keep my family immune system strong. My three boys, husband and I are an active fit family. I make sure my boys who are soccer players are hydrated with Lindo Sorrel because it quenching their thirst. Lindo Sorrel is healthier option than sports drinks. Fact Check: Researchers found that hibiscus satiate athletes thirst.


Again Lindo Sorrel is inexhaustible with Hibiscus tea. AKA by many names and variations like.. Sorrel, Zobo, Bissap, Karkade, Sobolo its all the same drink just called something different across the world.


Sorrel ( Saril) in the caribbean region covering: Guyana, Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad and Tabago, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama (Central America) Mexico (Aqua de Jamaica )

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Lindo Sorrel was featured in Voyage LA Magazine as, "Inspiring stories from the valley." Lindo Sorrel's mission is to provide an exceptional health and wellness hibiscus drink aimed to introduce a natural / organic beverage with exotic spices. The fact that hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Minerals, and many more healthy benefits is spectacular.

Some prominent benefits of hibiscus are: Boost Immunity, Rich in vitamin c, Powerful antioxidants, Toxin cleaner, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, weight loss, mood regulator, energy booster, anti aging, and flu or cold reliever. 


"I have high blood pressure and have had it for many years. Prescription medications have helped but not good, leaving me to bruise easily. I've been drinking Sorrell for 2 years and it has kept my blood pressure in normal range between 114 & 108 and my Doctor was so happy she took me off one of my meds and is considering taking me off the rest.  I currently drink about a cup a day and can't imagine doing without it. "

~PA. Schuster




Phone: 818-723-3321


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